We have designed a range of illuminated poster display 'Light Boxes' to look exactly like our Digital Screens. These are perfect for displaying tariffs or promoting one off ad-hoc events and special offers as the click frame mechanism means it takes seconds to change the graphic and are available in a range of sizes to match the Digital Screens.

Using the latest technology, coupled with an incredibly long lamp life, wall mounted LED light boxes give maximum impact to your poster displays. They are designed to look exactly like a digital display screen. Incredibly bright and lightweight, giving an even spread of light across the whole display, they have been seen to increase sales by up to 107% over a non illuminated display.

They are equally easy to install, requiring just a standard plug socket. The average lamp life is 100,000 hours. They are also environmentally friendly, lasting 3 years longer than fluorescents and using 33% less electricity. Simply provide us with the text and we will design and create your posters to be framed and illuminated with an even spread of light. Staff will be able to change the posters quickly and easily – no tools required

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